I am a retired mechanical engineer with 42 years of experience in many companies in senior levels. After retirement, I started teaching underprivileged children to utilize my time better. 


I got this inspiration from my wife who was a Founder Principal of DAV Kapil Dev Public School and Principal of DAV Ashok Nagar, Ranchi, two established schools in Ranchi. Out of the many social issues that the schools catered to, like eye camps for the visually handicapped in remote villages, etc. a particular one remains very close to our heart. 

Thirty five years back, she had taken several tribal children in her reputed school. There was lots of opposition from the elite class of the society, but she stuck to her decision, provided them with uniforms and transitioned them into normal school as any other fee paying student. Those children got established in their life after completing school and then college.


So, while we watched a group of very poor children huddle every afternoon under a tent on the roadside footpath in front of Jal Vayu Towers, Gurgaon, we decided to find out if they needed any help. In 2015, we bought them a lot of exercise books and stationary but they said they didnt need anything else. 


When we enquired again in 2016, they said they had sufficient food from passers-by but didn't have any experienced teachers. We immediately decided that it would be our best way to spend time doing what my wife too loved best - To teach and to be amidst children. 

We started teaching English and Mathematics at the open-to-sky roadside pavement for two and half years since February 2016 at Jyeshtha Primary Free School in Sector-56, Gurgaon for underprivileged children. 


Four children out of 15 to 20 really took up studies seriously and learnt very fast. We along with Mr. Amit Kumar, another voluntary teacher like us put these four children in good schools.

11) Mrs. Roy teaching the children -2.jp
Teaching on a footpath at a road-side free school

While I was ambitious about my mini-project of educating the roadside children, I ignored the fact that the pollution and dust from vehicle fumes was increasing my cough and asthma. The kids' bright smiles and delight to learn their ABC's and the magic of numbers gave me energy to continue on. We taught at the roadside shed for 10 months everyday.

My doctor kept advising me to stop the roadside teaching. My kids advised the same too. God is great! One well-wisher, Col. Raghubir Singh offered a room in the basement of his house (close to my residence) for my class. So, we shifted our class to that room from the last week of December, 2016. 

I purchased a projector so that my over-enthusiastic group of children would not need to pour over one laptop to see what I wanted to show them. It helped me immensely in teaching my fantastic young buddies.


My daughter (seen in the photos teaching) had come to Gurgaon with her family for a month for holidays with us. She helped me with a lot of teaching materials including phonic method of teaching English to beginners.


I would appreciate if you can leave some good wishes and prayers for the betterment of these bright but underprivileged children. If each one of us could do our part selflessly, what a wonderful world it would be! Keep reading for updates to this story...


My daughter teaching phonic letter sounds during her India trip  My grandchildren also joined the class 

Mrs. Roy helps me with teaching methods, course and curriculum preparation, etc. She also teaches a group of students along with me everyday. She brings in a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in educating children. Her help has motivated me further.


Inspite of not being well and fighting dementia, she manages to come to the class regularly. Unless she is very sick, she will not like to miss any class. She can be seen asking each child to read out their composition to their friends and then using questions to discuss the paragraph. She taught them to pray to God at the start and end of school. Some good virtues learnt at school will hopefully stay with them forever. 

Mrs. Suchismita Roy, Founder Principal of DAV Kapil Dev Public School Kadru, Ranchi and Principal of DAV Ashok Nagar, Ranchi listening to a composition.


My daughter teaching the children 

Mrs. Suchismita Roy teaching the children to start their day with a prayer

Rahul's report card
Rahul's first day at Alpine Convent School, standing with his parents and brother 

Some good news!

Some of my students got admission in regular reputed schools in Gurgaon.

Two of my students (Vijeta & Sangita) were admitted in Amitasha (EWS school of Amity International) in class III.


In November 2016, I managed to get one of my students, (School name: Rahul, nickname: Sameer) who draws beautifully and is very intelligent and sincere, admitted to Alpine Convent School, Gurgaon in class III after the first term for that year was over.

My happiness knew no bounds when I heard that he has secured ‘First Rank’ among all the students in his class in this elite school in the final exam of class III. He has been promoted to class IV.


He had never been to a good school before and lives in a Jhuggi (hut) on the road side. Making up for all the missed classes in the first term and still coming first in the class speaks volumes of his brilliance.

I was invited to his ‘Graduation Ceremony’. Giving some photographs of the function.

Sameer/Rahul (third from left in the first row) can be seen with his graduation dress on. 


In the lighting of the lamp photograph, you can see me standing near the lamp.
I was among few parents/guardians who were requested to come to light the lamp. The School Director, 
Mr. D.K.Sharma (in blue shirt) and Vice Principal Mrs. Manasi Chatterjee (in an orange sari) are standing next to me.

I hope all of my friends and well wishers will pray to Almighty God for Rahul, Vijeta and Sangita’s great future and for the other kids who are eager to learn more with us as long as our health permits.

Rahul in Class III
Honoured to be at Rahul's Graduation Day Ceremony

Government Primary School,
Suncity Township, Sector-54, Gurgaon 

From November 2017, we started teaching in classes 3, 4 & 5 in a Government Primary School, Suncity Township, Sector-54, Gurgaon.


This school has classes from 1 to 5. 

Each class has about 30 students.

We teach them English & Mathematics. We take classes from Monday to Saturday for 1-1/2 hrs. everyday.


Each day a particular class is allotted  so that we can keep a check on the teaching standards.


To be able to use the projector screen that we had bought for the purpose of teaching the children, we initially covered the windows with black plastic sheets.

This would prevent outside light from entering the windows. 

Dr. Saswati Mazumdar. my wife's sister who is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Jadavpur University Kolkata, during one of her trips to Gurgaon donated some educational charts which we put up on the walls for their knowledge.  

Later on, we purchased black curtains and installed these on the window side so that outside light was properly blocked, and the projections on the screen became better. We also installed one flood light which gives good light on the tables for their writing, but does not affect the projected image from the laptop / projector. The photographs below show the class room views after the black curtains & the flood light were installed.

We are trying to teach English pronunciations through phonics so that the children can pronounce English words correctly.   


One day, I received a call from Mr. Rohit David of Times of India. He came to know through somebody about both of us teaching the underprivileged. He wanted to know more details which we gave.


On 3rd December 2018 morning, we found an article in the Times of India under the column 'Guardians of Gurgaon'. 

Newspaper report about us.jpg

Teacher's Day

We were both rewarded with hugs and handmade cards full of love for Teacher's Day. 


Infrastructural Improvements

The school had some infrastructural deficiencies as follows:-

  1. We had shortage of benches. We needed immediately 20 nos double seated benches. 

  2. We have one girls’ washroom and one boys’ washroom. While the girls’ washroom was generally O.K. except needing some wall painting & additional exhaust fan, the boys’ washroom size was very small and the roof height was low. This was resulting in bad smell and unhygienic conditions in the boys’ washroom. We required the boys’ washroom to be re-built to increase the roof height and  one more toilet added with better ventilation & exhaust fans.

  3. There were roof seepages in two rooms (class IV & class III).

  4. The general conditions of wall painting were bad. The walls all over the school building needed new distemper painting. 

  5. The doors & windows also needed to be repainted.

  6. Students were getting electric shocks from water cooler. There was no earthing pit.

  7. External boundary wall needed to be painted with lively pictures.

  8. Sewage pit to be extended to area close to outside pit.

  9. Many electric fans needed repair / change. 

Fortunately, we knew a senior person, Mr. Ashish Chakraborty from the CSR team of Genpact. He visited our school first. With his initiative and effort, Genpact CSR team visited our school and took a lot of interest in the renovation and improvement work.


We had a series of meetings with Genpact CSR team for infrastructural improvements in the school. They took this up with their higher authorities.


Genpact CSR spent approximately Rs. 10 to 12 Lakhs for the renovation of the school. The photographs give a glimpse of the drastic change the school went through. 


Genpact mentioned to us that as and when more funds would be available, they would be able to improve the resources and infrastructures in the school further.


In the future, they would like to donate two good projectors, few computers and projector screens for two smart classrooms. They would also renovate all the existing computers and start computer classes. 


20 new benches were received at the school. All the nine jobs as listed above were completed. The school has a totally new look after all these jobs were done.  The children were delighted to see their school's transformation and beaming with smiles.  


We on behalf of the school would like to thank ‘Genpact CSR team’, their partner ‘United Ways’ and all the Genpact employees who offered their valuable time. Our gratitude to Mr. Ashish Chakraborty along with Mr. Sanjay Bhatia, Ms. Pooja Udayan, Ms. Jyoti Chamoli, Ms. Sharbani Ray and some more whose effort was instrumental in making our school so bright and vibrant, hygienic, structurally strong and safe - a place that feels warm and welcoming. 

20 new benches added
Boys' washroom broken down
completely and rebuilt
All classrooms, balcony, office rooms etc. freshly distempered. 
All balcony, office rooms etc. freshly distempered
74) IMG_20190716_141951491 - Copy.jpg
A staircase added for climbing to the roof safely when needed
75) Boy's washroom demolished and fully
78) Boy's new washroom getting ready.jpg
80) Boy's new washroom handed over.jpg
81) Boy's new washroom handed over.jpg
79) Boy's new washroom getting ready.jpg
Boys' washroom completely dismantled and rebuilt
4. IMG_20181224_141949421.jpg
6. IMG_20181224_142000861.jpg
82) Roof treatment done for roof leakage
Roof treatment done to prevent seepage
84) 3 nos new 1000 litre water tanks rep
Three numbers new 1000 litres water tanks added
85) Earthing point done and connected to
Electrical earthing pit done and electric lines connected
sketch 2.jpg
Outside Boundary-wall sketchings are completed by the master painter, Mr. Asif hired by the Genpact CSR Team
36) IMG_20190313_134824336.jpg
37) IMG_20190313_134830697.jpg
Today, March 12, 2019, around 60 Genpact employees assembled at the school at around 12:00 noon and started to put colour on the sketches under the guidance of the master painter, Mr. Asif.
38) IMG_20190313_134852189 - Copy.jpg
40)  IMG_20190313_134910255 - Copy.jpg
43) IMG_20190313_134925026.jpg
54) IMG_20190313_135131480.jpg
42) IMG_20190313_134918380 - Copy.jpg
45) IMG_20190313_135002405 - Copy.jpg
56) IMG_20190313_135149047.jpg
50) IMG_20190313_135010646.jpg
44) IMG_20190313_134955831 - Copy.jpg
Inside boundary wall paintings
58) IMG_20190312_141601685.jpg
60) IMG_20190313_135401869.jpg
wall paintings
62) IMG_20190313_135419891 - Copy.jpg
69) IMG_20190313_135500751.jpg
67) IMG_20190313_135446944 - Copy.jpg
64) IMG_20190312_141622568.jpg
63) IMG_20190312_141615991.jpg
Inside balcony wall paintings.

School bell 

We noticed that there was no school bell to announce the start and end of each period. 

Genpact helped again in ordering an automatic timer controlled school bell with a 12" dong. We have now set the timer for the school to start and end with various bells announcing the beginning and end of various classes. The bell can be set for holidays, summer timings and winter timings etc.  

Flashback B'day Celebration

Today while looking through my old pictures, I found some pictures of my 69th birthday arranged by my daughter in law, Navdeep along with my grand-daughter Kenisha at the roadside school. My younger brother, Mr. S. Roy, his wife and granddaughter also added to the cheer by joining us for the celebration. The children were delighted to have cake party food and presented me with card and flowers. 

Celebrating my birthday at my school - 1
Celebrating my birthday at my school - 3
Celebrating my birthday at my school. My

   Cheetah, Leopard, Tiger and Lion

We took some tests and found out that they were scoring marks as low as 10 or 15 out of 100. They were able to somehow add. But were making mistakes in subtraction, multiplications and division. We decided to make them confident of solving sums with higher digits.

After teaching step by step how to subtract, multiply and divide, and taking the fear of maths from their mind, we took tests again. We found that although some of the students understood and were able to solve, many were still left behind. We wanted all the students to improve, specially the weaker ones.

So according to marks, we divided the class into four groups i.e. Cheetah, Leopard, Tiger & Lion and made them sit in four different rows of benches according to their level of understanding.

We paid more attention to the weaker groups and explained to them over and over again. We found good improvement. Both my wife & I were so happy after taking another test of mathematics for our class IV students. We found a vast improvement. Now no student out of 19 students is uncomfortable with multiplication or division with many digits.

Above: Answer sheet of Ajadil who scored 99 out of 100.
Games and giggles

We played games in English sentence making. We gave the following sentences to the class IV students and asked them to form bigger sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs, prepositions etc.  But at each stage the sentence should be meaningful and grammatically correct and you cannot take out any word written before.


Each student suggested some words or group of words and we were writing down on the board.  

I am giving two typical sentences below: -

1)    I went to the garden.

2)    I sleep in the night.

The final sentences formed by the students came out like this:-

1)    I went to the garden and I watered the plants and then I played with my friends, but one of my friends fell sick, so we took him to the doctor and came back to the garden feeling very happy that we could help him. 

2)     I sleep with my mother in the night on my green coloured bed, after wearing my night dress and after drinking milk, at 8:00 p.m. every day and dream lovely dreams of going to the fairy land. 

Each time we wrote down some more words, there were giggles and the excitement to continue. 

Stage Performances

We have managed to organize many functions and celebrations within the school from Independence Day, Republic Day to celebrating at outside locations. Children have performed brilliantly in the best of behaviour. They have impressed audiences with their confidence, talents and discipline. The functions start with a prayer from the children followed by various dance, song, play or recitation and so on as befits the occasion with lots of appreciation as our prize.


These are the pictures of our 73rd Independence Day on 15th August, 2019. We were very happy to have Mr. Ashish Chakraborty from GENPACT as our Chief Guest. He along with his wife and their cute little daughter, Amolika attended the function. He is the person who was instrumental for the GENPACT CSR team to assist us with all improvements of the infrastructure in the school. 

The function started with the welcoming of the Chief Guest and unfurling the National Flag by the Chief Guest & singing the National Anthem. The function went off very well with patriotic songs, recitations, dances and two English plays enacted by the students of class IV & V. After the program, there was prize distribution followed by sweet distribution to the children.

I invited Rahul  (in yellow shirt) to speak and inspire the other children. He  told the children to work hard for success in English. 
Free Eye Camp
While teaching, we noticed that a number of students were not able to read anything from the whiteboard or the projecting screen where we project the teaching material on powerpoint presentation.
Early 2019, we discussed this with our opthalmologist, Dr. Reema Das, who is a very kind-hearted lady. She came to the school with her team and all instruments and checked each and every student from Class I to Class V, free of charge.
29 students were detected with eye problems and were supplied with spectacles at a very nominal  price. The children as well as both of us were so happy to find that they can see the board very well. 
Eye Camp at the school premises.
School Picnic on X-mas

We also went for a school picnic on 25th December 2019 with the children of Govt. Primary School, Sec - 54, Suncity to a farmhouse at Madhavgarh on the outskirts of Gurgaon.

Annual Day - The Rise International Scho
Both of us were invited as Chief Guests to 'The Rise International School' in Gurgaon where three of our earlier students were studying.

Schools close down due to Covid-19
Just before the schools closed down due to Covid-19, we gave the children some homework. We had a feeling that it would take some time for normalcy to return.
Rakhee Madam, a teacher from the school took lot of effort to set up a WhatsApp group to communicate with the children. I also gave sums initially but found the response erratic. Every child got access to the phone at odd hours and sometimes didn't get that too, so it was quite difficult to continue lessons in a proper way.  
School Renamed by Haryana Government
After watching the changes that happened in the school for the last two years, The Haryana Education Board about two months back selected our school as one of the model schools out of several hundred schools in Haryana and converted to 'English Medium School'. The name of the school is also changed to 'Govt. Model Sanskriti Primary School', Suncity, Sec-54, Gurugram. From the next session classes from 1 to 2 will be in English medium. Slowly, over three years, the full school will move to English medium. The school in-charge, Mr. Balvinder Singh invited me and my wife on the day the dignitories had come to introduce us to them. 
'Our Hidden Gems'  
We have kept constant touch with 'our hidden gems', the four students whom we taught on the footpath years back and later got them admitted as free students in good schools.
1. Rahul / (Nickname: Sameer) 

Update:Rahul (Sameer) made us proud by coming FIRST throughout the classes III, IV, V & VI.


In his final results of class VI, he was given double promotion to class VIII, skipping class VII.


However, inspite of his good results, this year the school did not give books and notebooks free to him. He had no money to purchase the books. We could not allow such a brilliant, hardworking and self-motivated boy to leave his studies just because of money.


So, we paid the annual fees for his school books and notebooks. He received 93.14% marks in his First Term result of class VIII.  He is struggling 24x7 to be the best in the class inspite of the fact that everyone else in his family are totally illiterate and he does not get help for his studies from anybody in the family.


They stay in a jhuggi (hutment) opposite Jal Vayu Towers, Sec 56, Gurgaon. Do not forget that he is not in an EWS school. He is in a regular reputed private school in Gurgaon and competing with students who are all coming from affluent families. Still, he is managing to hold the first rank.


Rahul holding his Class VIII books, presented to him by us
Picture in front of Vijeta's jhuggi alon
2. Vijeta

Update: Vijeta is one of the three girls who were admitted to 'The Rise International School', Gurgaon as a free student.


True to her name, she is standing out and being a 'Vijeta' or 'winner' that is expected of her. She came 'First' in the class in both Class V and Class VI. She is in class VII now. In her First Term examination, she secured 90.2%.  

She is very determined and sincere about her work. Hence, her patience and perseverance is showing through in her report card.

Image (744).jpg
Image (743).jpg
Image (748).jpg
3. Nirjala (Nickname: Neha) 

Update: Nirjala or Neha is also one of the three girls who was admitted to 'The Rise International School', Gurgaon as a free student. You will see her pics in the beginning of this page where we are teaching Maths to some students in the footpath school. She came '4th' in the class in the Final results of Class VI. She is in class VII now. She has scored 84.06% in her First Term. She is a smart girl with good social skills and a born leader. 

Picture in front of Nirjala's Jhuggi alo
3. Sangeeta

Update: Sangeeta is also one of the three girls who was admitted to 'The Rise International School', Gurgaon as a free student. She is also learning well and showing remarkable progress. She is very  talented in art, music and sports. She came '7th' in the final exams of Class VI. She is in class VII now. She has scored 89.33% in her First Term.

Picture in front of Sangeeta's Jhuggi al
IMG-20201027-WA0007 (1).jpg
A bleak future...

We are so proud of all of 'our hidden gems'. They are 'not hidden' any more. They are beginning to show people their brilliance. All four of them have come a long way and worked hard to continue their studies. I appreciate that their families have also supported them so that they can keep studying instead of joining hands in making a living. 


They can all understand, read, write and converse in English. We want to improve their pronunciation a bit more. Hence, we have started taking zoom lessons during the lockdown where all 4 of our students learn English and Maths. 


Now, the bad news! Unfortunately, from next year, Rahul will not be given free studentship. Also, the girls cannot continue any further after they complete class VIII, as their school is only up to class VIII. 

Annual charges from Class IX to XII may be around Rs. 1,50,000.00 (Rs.12,500/- p.m.) per child, which is totally beyond the capacity of their parents who are poor ceramic or earthen-pot sellers. These bright students deserve a better future. Don't you think so? Since we are retired, we felt that we can’t do much on our own. I am writing this to bring their destiny in your hands. 

In order that a separate fund is created for the education of bright underprivileged children, I have joined an organization ‘KOSHISH AUR PUKKAR’ which is doing excellent work for education of the underprivileged children as well as other social activities. (https://kapworlds.com/society-dossier/ ). They were happy to take me on-board after seeing our work. (On my request, the bank account has been separately opened specifically for the education fund of 'our underprivileged gems'.)

I would humbly request you to donate in the above account either in lumpsum amount or in regular monthly payment, whichever suits you best.


I am one of the authorized signatory of the above account and shall monitor all funds coming in and payment going out of the account. A detailed record of all transactions will be kept. We may form a WhatsApp group of people who donates in the above fund. While I shall not reveal the amount being donated by each in the group, I may share the total funds collected, number of benevolent people involved, number of kids being supported and the details how these funds are being disbursed, if anyone is specifically interested to know.

It will be a shame on our society if such bright children have to stop their higher education and join their parents in earning money.

They knew only ABCD and single-digit addition & subtraction when we started teaching them on the footpath. See where they are now with a little support. Won’t you support me in my crusade to uplift them from their poverty? Any amount is welcome.

As and when funds are available, we may look at supporting other such 'gems'.  But we are going to pick only the brightest of the kids who have the potential to go up in life and struggle hard for it. If we are able to bring even a few of them out of their poverty and settle them in life, that itself will be a great satisfaction for all of us who are helping in this crusade.

As one of my friends had rightly mentioned, “This is the only way to take their family out of the cycle of illiteracy, poverty and deprivation. In every poor and underprivileged family there will be at least one child, who, given the opportunity and mentoring, can break the chakravyuha.” 

We shall also request these children who get help from us to support the education of  other underprivileged children if they are someday capable enough. This will start a chain process.

I would also request you to share this to your known contacts via emails or social media so that more and more people join in this noble venture. 

Looking forward to your contribution.

God bless you.

Best regards to all of you. 

English lessons from Malaysia

My daughter is an English literature (honours graduate) with specialization in Copywriting (Advertising) and stays in Malaysia with her family. She had won several awards in school for her writing and also recieved scholarship in college for coming first.

I requested her to take English lessons for the children as their English levels really needed improvement. She happily agreed to it and has been teaching the children daily (like us) throughout the lockdown period via zoom lessons since December 2020.

She is working on improving their spoken English, grammar, pronunciation and comprehension skills. This will take time but I am sure the children can do it with the right guidance. It is sad that they have to struggle to keep charge in their phone with no electricity at times, or sometimes share a phone for lack of data but it is good to see their eagerness to try their best to find solutions for their problems.  

New Year Resolutions

The children were taught the features of poster writing as part of their English lesson and asked to design posters about their new year resolution of 2021. These are the posters the children came up with. We are proud of them and wish them a very successful 2021. 

Vijeta's poster.jpeg
Sangeeta's poster.jpeg
Neha's poster.jpeg
Maths book

They need improvement in their Maths too. We have bought Class 7 NCERT book for them and ourselves to study together. We go through new topics together where the topic is explained and then we do exercises and sums over zoom lessons and also as homework. They have a physical book infront of them now so that they can understand and follow what is being taught. It has made the whole process of teaching them much more simpler.  

Time is money

We have been trying to instil the value of time and work discipline and how to work around organizing one's time to get the most benefit of it. We couldn't be happier when Sangeeta went ahead and produced what my daughter had been urging them to do: prepare a timetable and follow it on a regular basis. 

Here is Sangeeta's timetable. Hope she follows it from now on to see the benefits of time management. 

New purchases

The children were finding it difficult to see the sums that I was showing on paper over zoom. We tried using the whiteboard available at home, but it wasn't serving the purpose well. 

So, Mrs. Roy and I went out to buy a proper big whiteboard and stand for our teaching purpose. We came to know that this whiteboard was in heavy demand amongst teachers due to the lockdown.

We tested it out over zoom call with my daughter after setting it up and it works perfectly. Such is technology that now not only can the children see the board clearly but also see my face while I am teaching at the same time from another camera. Also, I connected the same to the TV so that Mrs. Roy can see the faces of the children whether they are understanding or not while I am teaching. The testing works fine and hopefully this will prove to be another worthwhile purchase. 

Getting papers ready

I approached my lawyer friend to discuss the problem of how they don't have all the certificates needed for admission to good schools. He agreed to help me. He even went with me to meet all the children and their parents. The mothers came only. We discussed about each one's papers. 

He purchased the forms (Rs. 50/- each) needed to get their EWS certificate, OBC certificate and the like made. It was indeed very generous of him to help us out with the children for their future.  

Many years back I had got the affidavit for their birth certificate done but they still don't have their birth certificate. Aadhar card also some of them have and some don't. Fixing their papers is going to be a huge uphill task with no proper documentation. Let us see how we can proceed with this.  

Update: We managed to get quite a few of their paper records fixed after endless queueing, and struggle to get all the documents in order.  

             Creative writing
Feeling ecstatic after reading their first pieces of writing. These are the pleasures of teaching. They had never written a story or a poem before. May this be the beginning of many more adventures in the world of writing. I have been introducing to different storybooks. This has opened up a world of enjoyment which they did not know before.
                                                                                                                          - YR
Story by Nirjala on 8th Feb 2021.jpeg
Poem by Sangeeta on 8th Feb 2021.jpeg

by Sangeeta

Vijeta's Poem on 8th Feb 2021.jpeg
Sameer's poem.jpeg

Technology for Time Management Skills

We have been trying to instill good time management skills in the children.  Today, we shared how they can plan their day (24 hours) in a manner that they can utilize their time to the maximum using their own mobile phone. Rahul (Sameer) immediately followed the instructions and shared his plan for today (pic below). If they can learn how to study hard and study smart (timewise), it will be a lesson they can carry forward in their future life.  

Time management Sameer.jpeg

New journey for our four gems

Our effort to approach friends & well-wishers having kind heart to support these underprivileged but bright children had really given very encouraging results.  We could collect at least some good amount of fund just sufficient to admit Raul to class 9 and Vijeta, Sangeeta and Nirjala to class 8 of Suraj International School  ( https://www.surajschoolgurugram.com/ ). The school was kind enough to agree to about 50% subsidy in their fees. We could not have asked anything better as this is a good school up to class 12 level CBSE  and within walking distance from their homes.

20210123_151459 (2).jpg

Rahul was admitted to Suraj International School on 29th April, 2021. He made us proud by topping the list out of 46 students in class 9A in the Unit Test of May 2021, scoring 139 marks out of total 150 marks.


Vijeta, Sangeeta & Nirjala were admitted to Suraj International School on 3rd June, 2021. We hope that like Rahul, they will also study hard and make us and their parents proud by scoring high marks in their exams and place themselves within the top 10% of their class.

Laptops and desktop gifted

On 5th June, 2021, we presented the children with our personal preloved and good desktop and laptop computers. Mrs. Saroj Jhijaria of Jal Vayu Towers also donated her desktop computer to the children. We explained to the children how they must take care of it. We told them about the various components of the computer and how to be safe online, We were very happy to see how fast they got used to using them for their learning.   

IMG-20210604-WA0020 (1).jpg
IMG-20210605-WA0006 (1).jpg

Vijeta working on her computer

IMG-20210607-WA0018 (3).jpg

Sangeeta working on her computer

IMG-20210607-WA0019 (1).jpg

Nirjala working on her computer

Vijeta makes us proud


Vijeta made us proud by coming first in a Quiz competition arranged by Suraj School, Sec-56, Gurgaon, two times in a row and being featured on the school facebook page on Sept 21, 2021.


Extra Maths lessons with Tarun 

Tarun had kindly offered to teach the children Mathematics. So, I have fixed classes for the children with him so that they can benefit from the same. He has started with algebra. 

One Step Ahead, Five Steps Behind


Today is 6th October, 2021 - Mahalaya. On this day, Bengali homes wake up listening to the enthralling recorded voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra's recitation describing the incarnation of Devi Durga. 

Sadly, this year has to be different. Not only had it been a difficult year through out the world, due to the impact of corona virus, but also, it had left people struggling for their livelihood amidst lockdowns and shut down of economies and so on. While we got the virus as well, these kids prayed daily for us and by God's grace, we managed to recover from the disease. 

Today, I woke up to a very devastating news. The Banjara Market where the children resided had been demolished since it encroached on Government land. We felt really helpless seeing the plight of the children and their families and the poor artisans, young babies and elderly who used to earn a living there. They used to earn a living on the road selling pottery and furniture but now all was demolished.

With it, went down the hope of having a roof over their heads, food to fill their hungry children and the reasons for our happiness - the hope to bring them out of their condition through education. Here is the news coverage of the demolition of Banjara Market, Sector 56, Gurugram. May Devi Ma Durga protect them and shelter them in the time of need.      

Vijeta had requested for an English class to revise her 'Direct and Indirect Speech'. Nirjala and Vijeta both were present for the class taken by my daughter from Kuala Lumpur.       

English Revision Class

Vijeta becomes Prefect

prefect badge.jpeg

Today we received the fantastic news that Vijeta had become the Prefect of her class. She shared the photo of her badge. We felt so proud and happy for her. We wish all the children great success for their future. 

Parent/Guardian Teacher Meeting

Whenever it is Parent Teacher Meeting at school, the children request us to visit the school for meeting and talking to the teachers. Last time we had met Rahul's class teacher in Class 9 and Vijeta, Sangeeta and Nirjala's teacher in Class 8. They spoke highly about their discipline, behavior and participation in extra curricular activities. They also suggested areas of improvement. I have spoken to all the children and explained what the teacher said. 

This time, we did the parent teacher meeting over phone as I had already met them before. All of them are improving their grades and rank in class. I have suggested them to improve on their particular weaker subjects. 

Winter is approaching!

Today is the last day of October 2021. Its becoming quite chilly in the morning and evenings.  
'Malay', General Secretary of Bangiya Parishad has been extremely kind and warm-hearted to gift 50 sweaters to the students of Sanskriti Govt.  Primary School, Sector 54 Gurugram. He had gifted them last year as well. I have requested for 4 more sweaters for the elder children.  We thank Bangiya Parishad for their kindness and support. Together, we can ensure that the winter cold does not prevent these vulnerable children from coming to school and continuing their education. Every little bit of your support counts in improving the lives of these children.